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03 Apr2019

Earlier than I went to Sri Lanka, I did some research to learn how troublesome it was going to be with vegan meals there. As you may know, because of veganism I’ve managed to eliminate many well being issues since 2013 so I’m sticking to this way of life even on the street. So you may ask… vegan Sri Lanka…  is it attainable?

I’d say being a vegan in former Ceylon shouldn’t be very difficult. In case you don’t have to have a unique meal each single time. There are a couple of meals to get at any restaurant/grocery shop or fruit stall, but after a number of weeks it might get boring. Until you eat out at a special veggie restaurant or you keep at a lodge where they will be prepared to experiment and make you something distinctive. Under one can find an inventory of 10 vegan meals to try in Sri Lanka. Hope you find it useful 🙂

Common things to remember:

  • Traditional Sri Lankan cuisine could be very spicy. They use loads of chilli, black pepper, onion, garlic in virtually all the salty meals. In case you don’t like several of the elements, that you must tell them ahead of time. If they have to organize a meal from scratch, they could use much less of these components or not use them at all. However even for those who ask for a ”non-spicy” meal, often will probably be spicy anyway. Their understanding of spicy is totally different to ours.

  • Deviled means: not likely positive if the word has something to do with satan but perhaps the robust taste. It’s often something reduce into pieces, that is or fried or grilled and with a sauce. I additionally discovered it spicy just made in a slighly totally different method than with tempering.

  • All the time explain the phrase vegan. Typically they may not understand that ghee, eggs or butter are NOT vegan. Many people still confuse vegetarian with vegan so it’s good to make clear.
  • It takes quite a long time to organize meals in Sri Lanka. In some restaurants it may be even one hour or an hour and a half, depending on the meal, so it’s normal to order a meal, depart and then return to the restaurant to eat it or take it away.
  • Similarly to India, Sri Lankans often eat their meals with palms so they can join with the meals better. You’ll be able to ask for cutlery, although in most places, no drawback.

1. Younger coconuts

I mention young coconuts like the primary ones on this listing as a result of I consider that they are tremendous healthy. Most likely one of many healthiest things on the market in the world, along with green leafy veggies filled with chlorophyll. It’s virtually unimaginable for bacterias or another ”destructive” issues to get inside a coconut. The water is filtered again and again which makes it so wholesome. Coconut water is hydrating, filled with electrolytes, good supply of magnesium, low in energy and incorporates virtually no fat. If I had to decide on simply 1 thing to eat/drink for the remainder of my life, it might be younger coconut water and coconut flesh.

In Sri Lanka one can find coconuts being bought alongside the primary roads, at fruit and veggie markets, outdoors of fruit stalls… quite a bit throughout. Get ready for orange-colored coconuts, and never the inexperienced ones as you may need seen in different nations. In Sri Lanka the orange coconuts are referred to as ”king coconuts”.

2. Fruit

Visiting a tropical nation and never tasting its exotic fruit can be a shame. Sri Lanka is a rustic which provides to its guests and locals loads of unique fruit, reminiscent of wood apple, rambutan, pineapple, papaya, mangosteen, jack fruit, avocado, mango, guava, longan and so forth. Recent fruit that is regionally grown there and picked up from timber once ripe all the time accommodates probably the most vitamins compared to something imported when not being ripe but.

Don’t be scared to go to a fruit stall or a fruit market and easily style totally different kinds of fruit. You may fall in love with unfamiliar flavors. Speaking of fruit, fruit smoothies/juices are additionally quite in style in Sri Lanka. Try to opt for these product of fruit and water only (without milk and added sugar).

exotic fruit Sri Lanka

unique fruit Sri Lanka

3. Vegetable rice and curry

Traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry is made with coconut milk. Nevertheless, there could be elements of it that may be just vegetarian (include animal milk or eggs) and not vegan, so all the time double examine when ordering. Just keep in mind that Sri Lankan curry could be very spicy so should you can’t deal with spicy, inform them ahead of time.

four. Hoppers

String hoppers or hoppers are made from rice flour (white or purple) and are gluten-free. They’re one of many traditional meals in Sri Lanka, principally eaten for breakfast. Their style is straightforward and it jogs my memory of glass noodles or rice noodles which I wish to eat with veggies when in Asia. It’s even attainable to buy flour for hoppers as a memento after which make them at residence.

String hoppers on the right with rice and dhal at 22 Binaweli hotel

String hoppers on the suitable with rice and dhal at 22 Binaweli lodge

Hoppers on the right in Mirissa

Hoppers on the fitting in Mirissa

5. Roti

Unique Sri Lankan coconut roti does not include any animal products however it does include gluten. The normal recipe says it’s simply wheat or maida flour (white flour), water, grated coconut and salt. Often roti is eaten with salty meals despite the fact that I’d favor it with one thing candy, similar to banana and chocolate, or jam. However yes, I’ve a sweet tooth, not a salty one.

Another sort of roti is vegetable roti but with this one you must double examine if they did not add eggs into the dough as in some locations they do, sadly. They try to make it a bit particular so I’ve seen it for instance with leek, onion and spices.

Simple roti for breakfast at 22 Binaweli hotel

Easy roti for breakfast at 22 Binaweli lodge

6. Fried vegetable noodles or rice

Fried vegetable noodles are quite straightforward to seek out even at smaller native restaurants, and in addition at many inns. I like noodles as often they make gluten-free noodles (not all over the place, though). I simply wish they contained a minimum of 50% veggies and 50% noodles. Unfortunately, in most locations it’s 95% noodles and 5% veggies. Plus it’s all the time the same veggies and the meal will get boring and typically too dry. No less than that was my expertise.

Fried veggie rice is straightforward to get as nicely, similarly to fried veggie noodles I discussed above. Nevertheless, I noticed the identical ”drawback” there as with noodles. The most important part of the meal is rice, whereas the vegetables type a tiny portion. Then the entire meal does not include many vitamins and again, it tastes boring after a while.

7. Dhal

Everyone knows that dhal is a curry made from purple lentils. Whereas in India it may be made with cow milk (vegetarian) or coconut milk (e.g. in Kerala state), in Sri Lanka I have solely seen it cooked in coconut milk (vegan). Thumbs up! It’s fairly fast to organize and it’s often eaten or with roti or with plain white rice. What I found fascinating is that in Sri Lanka each time I tasted dhal, it was relatively spicy. A bit or very spicy, however all the time spicy. While in India it was a type of protected meals for me and often not spicy at all. I assume it is determined by herbs used and if the prepare dinner makes use of a number of chilli, onion or garlic, proper?

Dhal is a type of meals you can’t get enough of. At the very least for me. I consider this listing would not be full without dhal. Do you also like it as a lot as I do?

8. Coconut sambal

Coconut sambal or sambol is a very spicy aspect dish product of recent grated coconut stirred with onion, chilli powder and recent lime or lemon juice. The more juice you add, the less spicy will probably be. Personally, it was all the time too spicy for me so I often prevented it after the first two or three servings. Once I did a cooking class booked by way of 22 Weligambay, we made coconut sambal there from scratch.

9. Vegetable kottu

Vegetable kottu (typically additionally spelled as kothu) is often vegetarian as it accommodates eggs however in some locations they will make it vegan with out eggs should you ask. Then it might be simply reduce dough with totally different greens. It accommodates gluten, although so not so good for digestion and if in case you have gluten intolerance. At some eating places I discovered kottu too spicy, in others virtually not spicy at all. But as I don’t like more than ”little spicy”, I tried to ask them to add much less spices so I might style the veggies and never just the recent chilli and black pepper 😀

10. Pancakes

I used to be each actually stunned and joyful to seek out out that they do make vegan pancakes in many places around Sri Lanka. They appear yellow and style like coconut as a result of they are principally product of coconut milk and grated coconut. Typically coconut or kithul palm sugar or syrup are put inside, other occasions they are eaten with recent fruit.

Vegan coconut pancakes Sri Lanka Mirissa

Vegan coconut pancakes Sri Lanka Mirissa

Vegan coconut pancakes at 22 Weligambay

Vegan coconut pancakes at 22 Weligambay

And what about vegan snacks?

  • salted or spicy nuts – at grocery stores
  • salted or spicy lentils (referred to as dhal) – at grocery shops
  • salted or spicy chickpeas (referred to as gram) – at grocery stores
  • boiled chickpeas – I’ve seen a couple of road stalls where they bought boiled chickpeas with grated coconut, and spices if you want. I didn’t add spices but chickpeas tasted great and it was one other source of protein and fiber.
  • roasted peanuts – also attainable to get at road stalls
TIP: In case you’d wish to know more about vegan weight-reduction plan, I’ve written an e book with 140 pages about it. It consists of additionally different recommendations on How one can be match not solely when traveling. Test it out 😉 I have one model of the e-book in English, and an analogous one but a bit shorter in my mother tongue Slovak.

TIP 2: In case you are in search of a lodge in Sri Lanka where you may be positive you will be able to get vegan meals, try 22 Weligambay. They have been super good in adjusting thier menu an buffet meals to my vegan food plan as soon as I suggested them about it.

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