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Best Hiking Jackets For Cold Weather

When the weather turns chilly, you’ll benefit from a superb mountaineering jacket designed particularly for winter days on the trail.

Nevertheless, a few of the greatest climbing jackets for cold climate are usually not necessarily fairly as heat as you might imagine, with most hikers favoring a light-weight, layered strategy to winter dressing with an outer layer that provides primarily water and wind safety.

Advantages of Cold Weather Hiking Jackets

A chilly weather mountaineering jacket will maintain you warm out on the trail primarily by providing a protective barrier or shell. Your outer shell should at the beginning be weatherproof to keep you shielded from the weather, so you’ll be able to stay warm together with your different layers.

Specifically designed for being lively in cold circumstances, your jacket must be lightweight and breathable. Hiking within the chilly, especially on more strenuous hikes, can still get you scorching and sweaty, especially with a heavy pack.

So, it’s necessary that your jacket permits some of this excess warmth and moisture to escape and your inside layers the likelihood to dry.

On the similar time, a very good cold climate climbing jacket will maintain sufficient heat in so you are feeling snug without that clammy feeling.

Hiking Jacket Features

Except for breathable, waterproof membranes, anticipate some additional features, corresponding to vents to dump warmth on strenuous sections, in addition to protecting features reminiscent of collars and adjustable hoods to make your winter-time mountaineering snug, even when you hit a patch of dangerous climate.

Here’s a number of the foremost features which might be typically discovered on chilly weather mountaineering jackets that you need to look out for.

Waterproof and Breathable Membrane

Important to retaining you warm and dry, every cold weather mountaineering jacket needs waterproof protection. Virtually all chilly weather mountaineering jackets are handled with a sturdy water repellent (DWR) typically coupled with a membrane or laminate.

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There are numerous varieties out there, offering totally different levels of breathability so you will stay dry from each the surface and the within.

Insulating Inside Material

Some cold climate climbing jackets might come with a mushy insulated inside material. This can be useful for those who really feel the chilly and tend to take issues sluggish and straightforward.

As a chilly weather jacket is actually to offer safety, in case you are likely to warm up fairly shortly out on the path you might want a easy shell type over your mid-layer of clothing.

Vents / Pit Zips

Vents are extraordinarily helpful for when you end up getting too scorching and sweaty after a stretch of strenuous climbing. Open your vents for a fast heat dump, allowing you to remain shielded from the weather while cooling off shortly.

The North Face Mens Venture 2 Jacket Pit Zips

Vents are often zippered and may be discovered underneath the arms, pit zips, though some jackets depend upon mesh pockets or again vents.

Adjustable Hood

You’ll need a superb, adjustable hood to maintain you heat and dry in extreme climate circumstances. Some hoods come with a visor type entrance that can assist to improve your visibility in heavy rain.

It’s important to be able to regulate the hood tightly around your face to face up to robust winds. A collar may even help to block out the wind and rain, whilst retaining heat.


Typically ignored, cuffs are important to holding the heat in and the chilly out. Adjustable hook and loop or drawstring cuffs may help to ensure a decent, individual fit, while making it straightforward to get your jacket on over a cumbersome mid-layer and for sporting with gloves.

Two-way Zipper

A two-way zipper could be useful to succeed in inside to your inner layers with out having to take away your outer layer in the rain. It can be used to shortly dump heat on the go.


Pockets are pretty much important in outer layers for straightforward entry. Nevertheless, they will mean vulnerabilities in your waterproof protection, so make sure you examine that any zippers are waterproof or that they are coated by storm flaps.

Marmot Minimalist Jacket Chest Pocket

Chances are you’ll favor a large breast pocket for maps and other larger gadgets, or small, aspect hand hotter pockets for on-the-go necessities.

Some pockets double as vents, because of their mesh development, though this will mean that you’ll have to depend upon pockets in your other layers on your valuables once you depart them open for venting.


Whenever you’re out climbing, circumstances can change shortly with little warning and you would probably be hours away from civilization and shelter.

To be able to be sure that you stay heat and dry, it is very important discover ways to gown in layers for mountaineering. In case you get wet, either from rain or perspiration, you might catch cold or even hypothermia.

As mountaineering is an outside exercise, it’s not just as simple as dressing for the warmth or the cold, you also have to decorate in a approach that may be adapted to the altering weather, your activity degree and whether you generally tend to feel the cold or the warmth.

For this reason it’s common to dress in three, though typically four or extra, layers for climbing.

Typically you gained’t truly be sporting all three layers, one may be in your backpack just in case, however it’s necessary to have all three with you once you’re out on the path. Right here’s a quick rundown of the primary three layers you’ll want and why they’re useful.

Base Layer

Your base layer is primarily worn to wick sweat away from your skin, holding you dry and preventing you from catching a chill.

Polarmax Mid Weight Double Base Layer Men's Long Sleeve Crew Tee

Base layers have to be quick drying and cozy next to your pores and skin, especially if you’re carrying a totally loaded backpack that can trigger chaffing.

Some base layers are likely to endure extra from odor buildup than others, while certain varieties may be more sturdy. Some are also hotter than others, nevertheless, you must primarily focus upon a base layer’s wicking properties.

You possibly can take a look at our best base layers for men here, and our greatest base layers for ladies right here (To be added soon :-).

Mid Layer

Your mid-layer is designed to offer heat and insulation. Out there in a wide variety of choices, you’ll be able to opt for a thicker, warmer layer or thinner ones, relying upon the circumstances and your private preferences.

Polyester fleeces are a well-liked choice as they’re light-weight, fast drying and take up little area in your backpack. For colder locations, you could need to wear a light-weight down or synthetic jacket as a mid-layer.

Additionally it is necessary to remember that you could be need to add extra layers in among your mid layers, in case you are mountaineering in very cold circumstances, e.g. an additional tee over your base layer.

Outer Layer

Your outer layer is there to offer protection from the weather. It should present some breathability and probably vents for those strenuous uphill sections.

Most importantly, your outer layer needs to be waterproof to maintain you heat and dry, as well as windproof. Most mountaineering jackets are treated with a DWR coating so that water beads and rolls off the surface, protecting you dry and allowing the jacket to breathe.

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Usually speaking, for most average mountaineering, we advocate that you simply use a superb climbing rain jacket in your outer layer, along side the opposite layers above, for heat, and so on.

You’ll be able to take a look at our prime climbing rain jackets for males, and our prime mountaineering rain jackets for ladies, for some wonderful options on this department.

For faster-paced climbing or lighter weather circumstances chances are you’ll need to contemplate a smooth shell climbing jacket with additional breathability, or for colder circumstances with much less intense exercise, a hard shell mountaineering jacket.

Relying upon the place and if you find yourself mountaineering, chances are you’ll need to go for a mountaineering jacket that is more breathable, designed for higher-intensity activities. Such jackets are more likely to value considerably more because of the advanced membrane and DWR used.

In case you don’t need such a highly breathable garment, you will discover weatherproof jackets at a much lower cost that may maintain the rain and wind out, although exerting yourself while sporting one is more likely to end in an excess of perspiration and you might catch cold once you slow down.

Specialised Jackets

For your common climbing wants, you may be greatest suited to sporting the above layering mixture. Its advantages are that it may be adapted to virtually any circumstances, and you may alter your combination piece by piece making it extra reasonably priced to replace.

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Nevertheless, in case you are considering venturing out into very harsh circumstances, you could need to contemplate a methods jacket, also called a 3-in-1 jacket. Such jackets combine a water-proof shell jacket with a insulated liner jacket.

Every jacket may be worn alone or together, therefore the Three-in-1 identify. When worn together they provide good safety from the elements in extreme circumstances.

Nevertheless, in your average climbing trip, you in all probability won’t expertise the circumstances wanted to really understand the advantages of a 3-in-1 jacket and their worth could be extraordinarily prohibitive.

That stated, in case you are planning an excessive climbing journey you possibly can undoubtedly benefit from the experience and cutting-edge know-how that goes into these superior efficiency jackets, so they are value wanting into.


Whenever you’re on the lookout for the perfect climbing jacket for chilly climate, it’s necessary to remember what you’ll be sporting beneath, as a lot as the jacket itself.

When the temperature drops, we naturally think about preserving warm, nevertheless, a day on the path can also be physically exerting and you’ll build up a substantial amount of inner heat especially over strenuous uphill sections.

Discovering the most effective climbing jacket for cold weather for you is all about retaining the climate out, whilst allowing for some breathability, particularly should you are likely to go in for greater intensity hikes.

Combining a water-proof, weatherproof rain shell jacket with wicking and insulating layers is the easiest way to deal with chilly weather climbing, enabling you to adapt your mixture as a way to go well with the exact circumstances, slightly than being stuck with a jacket that is too heat, bulky, heavy and unbreathable.

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