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21 Unmissable Dishes + Victoria House Belize Reviews

What’s Belize food? It’s not precisely well-known all over the world. So what do you have to eat once you go to San Pedro Belize?

From a calorific breakfast food you will love to recent lobster & boozy cake. Under are our 21 Prime Picks of the most effective Belize meals to eat and drink in San Pedro!

Updated April 2019

What to expect from Belize Food in San Pedro Belize?

San Pedro has turn into extremely worldwide. In contrast to rural areas of Belize where you could end up mostly on a bean, rice and stew weight-reduction plan, San Pedro gives up many world class eating choice.

On this article, we’ll concentrate on a mixture of probably the most conventional Belizean dishes in addition to the best way Belize has formed another delicacies’s and made them their own.

A quick abstract of Belizean Delicacies

Belizean cuisine is a mix of many influences. Primarily Mayan, Mexican and Afro-Caribbean. But in addition English & Spanish.

Look forward to finding tacos subsequent to curries and stews on a typical menu.

Belize is the only nation in Latin America whose first language is English. And some remnants of English meals culture still exist in Belizean cuisines – similar to meat pies and Worcester sauce.

San Pedro Belize Seafood

As we’re speaking about what to eat in San Pedro in this article, being surrounded by each a lagoon on one aspect and a wealthy coral reef on the opposite aspect, anticipate restaurants in San Pedro to function numerous recent seafood.

From tropical fish to large shrimp and Lobster (seasonal). Seafood is present on virtually each menu.

Belize National Dish: Rice & Beans

Rice & Beans With Hen Stew

Rice & Beans is just not originally from Belize but has grow to be their nationwide dish and is a must eat for any foodie visitor.

Originally a Creole dish but at present it’s a staple meals of Belizean cuisine and one thing that can be served with most meals.

In Belize and lots of different nations there’s a massive distinction between Rice and Beans and Beans and Rice…

At a minimum, the dish of rice and beans in Belize all the time consists of white long-grained rice and pink kidney beans, with coconut milk, sage and different spices, ideally it’s a considerably dry combination where the person grains of rice and beans will not be caught collectively. The beans are cooked separately until tender, after which the rice is added, along with the coconut milk to absorb the bean juice as it cooks.

Belizeans anticipate that rice and beans will come with three other parts: (1) some type of stewed meat, (2) a scoop of potato salad, and (three) a number of strips of fried ripe plantain. Typically you;ll discover that the stewed meat stewed meat is hen. And it’s good to note that If the host or server doesn’t point out what the meat can be, assume you’re getting hen. But they do also serve rice and beans with pork, beef or seafood stews.

With Beans and Rice the beans are slowly stewed with onions, garlic, and a touch of recado and coconut oil, until they create a saucy consistency. The rice is cooked individually and the beans are ladled on prime or served to the aspect. Primarily, Rice and Beans is lots of rice with some beans combined in. Whereas Beans and Rice is a bean stew served with plain rice.

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Belize Meals Podcast

In This Episode:

  • We talk about an important cultural dishes in Belize.
  • We ask “Beans And Rice” or “Rice And Beans”?
  • Rock Lobster!
  • We discover the unhealthiest, but tastiest breakfast meals on the earth.
  • Plus, The Royal Rat. Is Belize’s well-known rodent match for a queen?

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Belize Meals: 21 Unmissable Dishes To Attempt In San Pedro Belize Eating places

NOTE: This can be a listing of unmissable meals which are common (and scrumptious!) in San Pedro Belize. Issues you must eat once you go to.

Although many of those dishes are traditional or have conventional parts, this is not solely an inventory of “mama’s cooking”. A few of these dishes are extra international but make use of the native components and cooking types.

Are they all strictly talking “Belize food”? No, some have a tenuous connection, however all are must-trys for any journey to San Pedro.

Belize Meals: Dinner

Conch Fritters – Palmilla Restaurant (@ Victoria House Belize)

Belize Food: Conch Fritters - Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House belize reviews

Belize Meals: Conch Fritters – Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House Belize

Conch is a marine mollusk. They are everywhere in the ocean flooring of the shallow waters surrounding San Pedro Belize. They’re bigger than you could anticipate – so discard any pictures of eating little escargot.

When served recent, as is straightforward to realize when the seashore is just meters away, they’ve a semi-firm texture with a slight chewiness and shouldn’t style “fishy” in any respect. Somewhat like calamari, however they actually have a taste and texture all their very own.

Pictured above – Conch is diced and become fritters. The light however acidic pineapple salsa and fruity ginger dipping sauce praise the salty conch.

Tequila Flamed Shrimp Stack – Palmilla Restaurant (@ Victoria House Belize)

My favorite appetizer from our trip. This shrimp stack was comprised of layers of purple masa cake (made with corn flour) with layers of succulent big shrimp in-between with mashed avocado and a black bean and pineapple relish.

Belize Food: Tequila Shrimp Stack - Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House belize reviews

Belize Food: Tequila Flamed Shrimp Stack – Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House Belize

What made this dish actually stand out, aside from the unbelievable combination of shrimp and the relish, was the masa cake. The photograph may make these look dense. But truly, they have been mild and crispy however mushy on the inside.

What might have been a dense and stodgy affair was as an alternative extremely properly executed. I would like these again!

Shrimp Coconut Curry – El Fogon’s

Belize Food: Shrimp Curry @ El Fogons San Pedro Belize

Belize Food: Shrimp Curry @ El Fogons

We tried a couple of curries whereas in San Pedro Belize. El Fogon’s Shrimp Coconut Curry came out at number one for an excellent purpose. Most curries seemed to reach in two variants – a white sauce, clearly heavy on the coconut and with little different spice. Or a yellow sauce, heavy on the turmeric and more Afro-Caribbean spices, and low on the coconut.

El Fogon offered one thing excellent. A dark curry crammed with spices and average heat, but with a robust undertone of coconut. It was one of the best of both worlds, an ideal fusion.

Cashew Crusted Grouper – Palmilla Restaurant (@ Victoria House Belize)

The ample fishing around San Pedro provides this worldwide dish a chance to shine. This occurred to be one in every of my favorite dishes from our whole trip.

Belize Food: Cashew Crusted Grouper - Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House Belize

Belize Food: Cashew Crusted Grouper – Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House Belize

The crispy cashew crust was completely seasoned and seared. Mixed with citrus the stability of sweetness and texture from the cashews, along with the sourness and salt took the tender white fish within to an entire another degree.

Completely cooked and completely recent grouper filet was the star hidden beneath the moor-ish crust.

Papusas – Waruguma

Belize Meals: Cheese Papusas @ Waraguma’s

Originally from El Salvador. Papusas are a thick and dense flat bread created from corn flour. They are full of quite a lot of different things. We opted for having them full of cheese! However meat, beans, vegetables or a mixture, are also widespread.

Waraguma in San Pedro Belize is the late evening spot for this submit bar snack (which turns right into a full meal fairly shortly when you order a couple of!)

Octopus Tostada – Palmilla Restaurant (@ Victoria House Belize)

Belize Food: Octopus Tostada - Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House Belize

Belize Meals: Octopus Tostada – Palmilla Restaurant @ Victoria House Belize

Mexican Cuisine is a serious influence within Belize meals options. A crispy corn tortilla is the base of each tostada dish on this area. This octopus tostada combines the gentle and delicate octopus with a Veracruzano sauce made with tomatoes and capers.

Gibnut (Seasonal)

Gibnut is a nocturnal rodent that lives in forested areas of Belize. It’s generally known as the Royal rat since Queen Elizabeth II of England was served one during her 1985 visit to Belize.

It’s a gamey meat that’s stated to have some similarity to rabbit. Throughout our go to, we have been informed it was not in season. Go to from December 1st to Might 1st for a better probability of making an attempt this unusual meals!

Belize Food: Lunch

Lunch seems to be the perfect time to seek out the more traditional Belize Food options.

Belizean Ceviche

Ceviche is uncooked seafood cooked without heat using recent lime juice. Ceviche is extremely widespread all through Latin America. Every region appears to have its own twist. You will discover ceviche for both lunch & dinner in lots of San Pedro eating places.

Belize Food: Belizean Ceviche @ Red Ginger San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye

Belizean Ceviche @ Purple Ginger (restaurants Ambergris Caye)

In San Pedro, the primary distinction seems to be that they add carrot to the ceviche combine. In neighboring elements of Mexico, like Merida & The Yucatan you primarily find tomato and onion to be combined in.

The carrot adds a sweetness to the dish. I personally discover this inhibiting to the overall taste profile. But probably, Belizean ceviche is a vital specialty you need to attempt for your self.

Stew With Rice & Beans And Fried Plantains

Rice & beans, and fried plantains (giant bananas). That’s the staple finances meal throughout most of central America.

Belize Food: Chicken Stew @ Elvi's Kitchen San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye

Belize Meals: Hen Stew With Rice & Beans @ Elvi’s Kitchen (eating places Ambergris Caye)

The rice in Belize is usually cooked with coconut milk which provides it a wealthy flavor you possibly can’t stop eating.

In San Pedro Belize, it’s normal to have a meat stew together with your rice and beans. Hen, pork or beef are commonest. Stews are easy, and everybody has their own recipe. However the main ingredient of most is “achiote”, a paste comprised of pink recado chilies.

Stew finished proper could have that umami character, a real sense of comfort food. Normally the dish shouldn’t be too spicy.


Salbutes are a standard Mayan meals. Mayan cuisine plays a robust part in Belizean delicacies as a result of Belize is traditionally a Mayan land.

Belize Food: Mayan Salbutes @ Red Ginger San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye

Belize Meals: Mayan Salbutes @ Purple Ginger (eating places in Ambergris Caye)

Salbutes are a deep fried corn tortilla. A mess of potential toppings are available. The most typical are shredded hen or turkey (although turkey is more possible within the Yucatan than in San Pedro). Cochinita Pibil (sluggish cooked pulled pork seasoned with achiote) can also be a favourite topping.

In search of more common Yucatecan food? Discover more tasty dishes in our Final Merida & Yucatan Guide


Belize Food: Escabeche - San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye

Belize Food: Escabeche

Escabeche is a stew or soup made with vinegar as the primary ingredient. The vinegar is usually very robust and overpowering in the dish, so it’s a bit of an acquired taste.

Hen (or other meat) and onions are sometimes the one solids in the dish.

Tacos & Burritos

Belize Food: Breakfast Burrito (Available at Lunch Too) @ Neri's Tacos, San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye

Belize Meals: Breakfast Burrito (Obtainable at Lunch Too) @ Neri’s Tacos (San Pedro Belize eating places)

These universally fashionable Mexican choices are additionally extensively obtainable. The distinction is the flavor of the fillings. Ground beef or hen is commonest, with the hen filling typically resembling a model of the hen stew. We had this breakfast burrito with egg, ham, and cheese.

Lobster (& San Pedro Lobster Festivals)

Lobster season runs from June 15th to Feb 14th annually. It’s unimaginable to eat lobster legally outdoors of this season. So, in case you are a lobster fanatic, you’ll need to arrange your journey to coincide with the season.

At the beginning of the season, locals and guests take the opportunity to rejoice freedom from lobster abstinence by holding a variety of lobster festivals.

The primary one in San Pedro is the aptly named San Pedro Lobster Pageant. It runs for about 10 days in June just after the season begins.

Touted as being a little less touristy, the Caye Caulker Lobster Fest runs after the San Pedro Lobster Fest has ended. Around Late June, early July. You’ll be able to take a quick ferry from San Pedro to Caye Caulker.

Belize Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast in Belize begins around 5am – apparently as a result of that’s when the fisherman have to eat earlier than they go out to gather the day’s catch. Fortuitously, you possibly can nonetheless grab a chew much afterward.

Be ready for some calorific breakfast delights…

Belizean Meat Pies

Should you like pastry, and why wouldn’t you, then you’ll love these little bites of buttery happiness. And, that stated, anticipate them to be principally pie and little or no meat. The meat filling seems to be mainly to supply some moisture to offset the pastry, and just a little taste to bop on the taste buds.

Belize Food: Meat Pies @ Boogie's Belly (San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye)

Belize Food: Meat Pies @ Boogie’s Stomach (San Pedro Belize Eating places)

Primarily, the native stew will probably be re-purposed, this time inside a pie. I’m not complaining! It’s value ignoring your gluten intolerance to attempt these.

Availability is sporadic. One Deli we went to (Celi’s) has individuals waiting for the pies to be completed, and may then be bought out inside 30 minutes on busy days. Sometime between 7am and 9am is an effective guess. Otherwise, you must go on a pie crawl around town till you find somewhere with some left.

Fry Jacks

Your life might never be the same again… And your waistline definitely gained’t be.

Belize Food: Fry Jacks With Ground Beef @ Neri's Tacos (San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye

Belize Food: Fry Jacks With Ground Beef @ Neri’s Tacos (San Pedro Belize restaurants)

Fry jacks are a fluffy deep fried bread that acts to wrap quite a lot of fillings. As soon as again, things like hen from the stew, floor beef, or a breakfast favorite, scrambled egg with cheese and ham, will all find a place within this calorie laden wake-up meals.

After sampling many of those, my favourite was the ground beef choice at Neri’s tacos. I’m completely addicted to those.

For a lighter choice (breakfast only), Palmilla Restaurant (@ Victoria House Belize) do a healthier model which doesn’t really feel like you’re eating grease in any respect – I don’t understand how they did it!

Johnny Muffins

A Native American food that could be very in style in Belize. The “cakes” are grilled or fried cornmeal flatbreads. Put two collectively and put ham and cheese in-between and also you’ve acquired your self a bit Johnny cake sandwich.

The identify Johnny cake is believed to be derived from a potential unique identify “Shwanee” after the Native American tribe. If you take heed to the local Caribbean sounding accent in San Pedro, you possibly can easily hear the similarity in identify, however this is just a concept.

Belize Food: Desserts

Give me some sugar!

Belizean Coconut Pie

Who invented the coconut pie? Many may lay claim to it, however the actual origin appears disputed. Belizean coconut pie differs from other recipes because it’s all concerning the pie filling, not concerning the oodles of cream different coconut pies seem to function.

Belize Food: Coconut Pie @ Elvi's Kitchen (San Pedro Belize restaurants ambergris caye

Belize Meals: Coconut Pie @ Elvi’s Kitchen (Restaurants San Pedro Belize)

I’m not dissing cream! I might by no means dare! But, for the perfect coconut pie I have ever tasted, Belizean or in any other case, Elvi’s kitchen, a San Pedro institution, is delivering the goods! This dish is fashionable, and solely obtainable from the afternoon till shares run out. We received a recent slice simply because it turned obtainable around 3.30pm. Time varies – welcome to Belizean time!

Belizean Chocolate

Belize Food: chocolate tour San Pedro Belize

Grinding the Cacao @ Belize Chocolate Company

Belize produces the high-quality cacao, used to supply the best chocolate. The cacao comes from the inland jungles. In San Pedro Belize we acquired the chance to see the product being made by hand, and you may style that regionally made chocolate too.

Go to Belize Chocolate Company.

Belizean Rum Cake

As you’ll find out under, Belize has an abundance of rum. So, why not bake some in a cake?

We didn’t get to attempt any throughout our trip, but look out for this traditional boozy cake once you head to San Pedro.

San Pedro Belize Drinks

What is going to help quench your thirst in the tropical warmth? Rum, in fact!

Rum Punch with Belizean Rum

As a sugar producing country, the default spirit is, in fact, rum. And plenty of it. It’s the first drink and it’s on every menu.

Catamaran Tour snorkel trip San pedro Belize Ho Chan Reeef

Consuming Rum Punch On Our Catamaran Tour With Tuff E Nuff Tours

And as with all tropical country, tropical fruits are simply falling off the timber yr spherical. So rum punch is the logical conclusion from these environmental elements.

The recipe is straightforward. Combine up whatever leftover fruit and juice you could have into an enormous previous liquid. Add copious amounts of rum. Optionally, add just a little grenadine and a slice of lime if you want to be fancy.

It’s even more fancy when drunk on a Catamaran trip (pictured).

There are a number of rums, but the two foremost ones you’ll see in all places are:

  • Caribbean Rum – Mild golden brown liquid, with a picture of a hen on the entrance.
  • One Barrel – Darker. Image of a barrel on the entrance.

In response to one professional bartender, locals love the Caribbean Rum, vacationers appear to favor the One Barrel. We managed to verify that stereotype. The one barrel is richer and fortifies your fruit juice with the taste of spiced sugar. The Caribbean rum is thinner in flavor and more “alcoholy”, it get’s misplaced within the juice so you possibly can fake you aren’t consuming rum in any respect. Why would you do this?

Belikin (Belize Beer)

Belikin is among the only beer brands out there in Belize, and of the restricted options, it’s in all probability one of the best beer too. It looks like a sensible transfer to monopolize so that solely poor quality beer is able to compete together with your model on a nationwide scale.

Belizean Cuisine - Belikin Beer San Pedro Belize

Belikin Common

Belizean Cuisine - Belikin Beer San Pedro Belize

Chocolate Stout & Belikin Premium

So, the good news is, that Belikin common is a refreshing and slightly malty lager. It does the job! Additionally they make a stout, and some other much less obtainable versions like a Chocolate Stout and Verano (summer time) beer.

I’d put the chocolate stout at primary, however it’s a bit of heavy in the scorching climate and uncommon to seek out. An extended listing of beers is out there right here.

Greatest Resorts San Pedro Belize – Victoria House Belize Reviews

During our journey to San Pedro we have been fortunate enough to be staying at The Victoria House Resort & Spa Belize. Lucky as a result of this place exemplifies the very which means of Caribbean luxury boutique resort.

Victoria House Belize Reviews - San Pedro Resorts

Pristine Seashore Frontage @ Victoria House Belize Reviews (San Pedro Resorts)

Pure white sand. Manicured and thick darkish inexperienced grass, with palm timber completely spaced throughout the grounds. White walled buildings with azure colored tin roofs – and sun lounger cushions to match.

Victoria House San Pedro oozes tropical class. You would see your self sharing a martini with James Bond in his smart-casual linens.

Victoria House Belize Reviews - San Pedro Resorts - Tower Suite

Our Room In The Tower Suite @ Victoria House Belize Reviews (San Pedro Resorts)

Regardless that our room was good wood chic, and sitting at the pool overlooking the seashore is every bit nearly as good as you possibly can imagine… The number one purpose for our existence is to eat, and the Victoria House Palmilla Restaurant actually excelled beyond expectation.

We’ve mentioned a lot of the options above which lie nearer to traditional Belize Meals. But the worldwide selection will even impress.

Victoria House Belize Reviews - San Pedro Resorts - Palmilla Restaurant

Worldwide Cuisine @ Palmilla Restaurant, Victoria House Belize Reviews (San Pedro Resorts)

At present, we’re awarding the selfmade jalapeño poppers as the perfect poppers we’ve got ever popped, anyplace! The key? The cream cheese is combined with shredded hen. Except for including texture, this additionally holds the within mixture together – no drippy cream cheese. Only a completely warm and gooey interior. Yum!

Victoria House Belize Reviews - San Pedro Resorts

Around the Resort @ Victoria House Belize Reviews (San Pedro Resorts)

For seashore luxury, impeccable service and a chef that may all the time depart you wanting more…

For costs and availability Name Toll Free: 1-800-247-5159

Or Take a look at unbiased Victoria House Belize evaluations plus the newest availability & pricings:

Expedia | | Agoda

* DISCLOSURE: Our keep & meals at Victoria House Belize was offered complimentary. But our opinions are our own, that are that the food and accommodation have been awesome! Our weblog coverage is that any business we function has attained a minimum of a 4 out of 5 private, objective score from us. If not, we decline to promote them.

Food Tours In San Pedro Belize

On the lookout for a guided foodie trip across the city of San Pedro? At the time of writing the only choice is Belize Food Tours.

Transfers to San Pedro

San Pedro is an offshore peninsula, only accessible by ferry or air switch.

Blue Hole Belize tours - Ambergris Caye excursions

Megsy With The Pilot: Tropic Air – Blue Gap Belize excursions + home & worldwide transfers to San Pedro Belize

Tropic Air runs direct flights from Cancun (CUN), Belize Metropolis (BZE), Guatemala Metropolis (GUA), Roatan (RTB) to San Pedro Airport (SPR). Other domestic and worldwide routes are also out there

Search Expedia For The Above Routes For Latest Costs & Availability

Tropic Air additionally presents scenic flights of Belize’s famous Blue Hole – Read more in our full article on enjoyable issues to do in San Pedro.

Ferry Transfer

The cheaper, slower and fewer scenic choice is the ferry transfer. Splendid for price range vacationers. Common ferries depart from Belize Metropolis to San Pedro. There’s additionally a world connection to Chetumal Mexico operating once every second day.

See schedules & pricing on Belize Water Taxi Web site.


On the lookout for various lodging? Search for more options in San Pedro Belize now:

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